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We supply to: Middlesbrough - Stockton - Redcar (including surrounding villages) - Thornaby - Guisborough & Hartlepool. (TS Postcodes)

Sorry this range is no longer available

Walnut Creek 27mm has the look of a freshly mowed lawn, and is designed with 3 colour tones, offering an authentic appearance with a green and light brown curly yarn that looks fantastic all year round.
Measuring 27mm in depth with a pile that feels soft to the touch, this grass is perfect for gardens, terraces, and lawns.
The fibres are made of a stain and UV resistant material so it will not fade in the sun and will maintain the same appearance all year round.
Rain water is no problem for this artificial grass as it is permeable and has drainage holes so the water will drain through.
Walnut Creek artificial grass is child and pet friendly and is low maintenance with no watering or mowing required. 
The material is environmentally friendly and free of lead and cadmium.
Not only is artificial grass low maintenance its also environmentally friendly as no pesticides or fertilisers are needed.
See - "How to order information" and installation guide below
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Please note - we only supply to the TS postcode area - Middlesbrough, Stockton on Tees, Hartlepool, Redcar, Guisborough and surrounding villages.

Paying weekly for artificial grass works in a slightly different way compared with carpets and vinyl's.

Complete the application form or call: 01642 983088 or 07761471544 to arrange and a free home visit.
(TS postcodes only) We will measure the area you require and work out exact prices.

  • A minimum deposit of £40.00 is required with your order.
  • Payment is by standing order only and we can spread the total cost over a maximum of 8 weeks.
  • We will deliver your grass after 75% of the total cost has been paid for. 
    For example: if your total order is £200.00 - we will deliver your order once we've received £150.00.
  • Artificial grass is supply only - we do not fit.
  • We do not accept responsibility for your own fitting. Please read our "Guide to Fitting" below.

You always have the option to pay outright if preferred, or to pay your outstanding balance at any time.
Area to grass = 4 meters x 3 meters = total 12 square meters. Total cost = £215.00
Minimum deposit required = £40.00. Balance = £175.00. Maximum of 7 weekly payments of £25.00 (£25.00 per week is our minimum accepted payment).
We will deliver your artificial grass after payment 5 (or week 5).

You have the option to put a bigger deposit down, or to pay more than the minimum £25.00 per week if you want delivery earlier.

Installation Guide

Required materials and tools:

  • Cutter knife
  • Seaming tape and bi-component PU adhesive or self-adhesive seaming tape
  • Brush

If installed on natural soil:

  • Weed barrier fabric
  • Nails and silica sand (optional but recommended)

Prepare the foundation:

For a smooth installation, make sure the soil or flooring under the grass is stable, leveled and prepared to facilitate water drainage. If you plan to install your artificial grass on natural soil, first cover the area with a weed barrier fabric.

Installation instructions

1. Fit in place all turf pieces and make sure all of them are laying in the same direction.

Make sure to lay the pieces in such a way that the fibers point towards the standpoint from which you will usually look at the grass. The green color is deeper when the grain points towards you.

2. Trim all joints and check that all pieces perfectly fit together.

Trim each joint edge by approximately 2 tufts. Eliminate all imperfect tufts to get invisible joints. The more carefully you carry out this step, the more natural the result. Also, check that both pieces perfectly fit together. Make sure seams are not visible.

3. Place joining band through the center of each seam, seal them, secure perimeters and apply pressure on the pieces.

  • Place edges max 4 cm apart, reopen them and lay the joining or auto-adhesive band through the center. If you use regular joining band, apply
    bi-component PU adhesive.
  • Secure the seams and trim excess to fit perimeters.
  • Secure the perimeters to the substrate. Use bi-component PU adhesive to secure them to hard flooring, and nails to anchor them to a compacted soil base.
  • Apply pressure by walking along the joints and putting heavy objects on them (e.g. 25 kg sandbags).

4. Brush the grass to raise the blades and finish with silica sand infill.

To guarantee durability, the ideal silica sand is rounded, washed and dry. The sand infill will extend the grass blades’ lifetime and improve their resilience. Also, the sand retains moisture, which in turn helps cool down the grass during summer. Crumble the sand before use to help it fill in the gaps between turf blades more evenly.

Ready to enjoy

That’s all! The only thing you have left to do is enjoy your brand new green area.

Artificial grass is SUPPLY ONLY - we do not offer a fitting service.